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Allow me to introduce the Pandos family. Our family has been living in Hollywood Florida since th 1920. In 1947, John Pandos founded what

later became

We are a Glazing Contractor that specializes in Business to Business architectural glazing. General Contractors, Interior Designers, Property Managers, Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Resorts, Fortune 500 Retail Stores to name a few are the types of customers that use our services on a day to day basis.

From a company check to a purchase order, we can fill your glazing needs large and small, simple to design build.

Take a look at the blog we created that will not only help our customers learn more about the services we provide but also to asist anyone who needs to have a need fulfilled in the Architectural Glazing industry. For years customers and friends alike have asked our advice on how to handle their glazing needs from do-it-yourself questions to design building office layouts out of glass.
Looking forward to serving your needs.

SincerelyThe Pandos
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